HavaHomebrew Update for Spring, 2012

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Now I have assembled a lauter tun to finish my mashing, to strain the sweet liquor from the spent
malt. This does a better job than my mashing bucket, less messy and I can be more thorough, don't
have to stand on a stool slinging around pots of hot sticky anymore.

Here is my brewery now:

On the left is my new brewpot, after the handle broke on the old one. In the middle is my five-gallon
fermenter. I rinse it with bleach for a few hours every time I use it. On the right is my new lauter tun.
Made from a cooler to keep the mash warm so the sugars will remain dissolved in the fluid.
I used it first for my Red Maple Ale batch for 2012. Then I bought a few more parts so it will be
working even better for my next batch, an Iambic Ale, tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Yes, this is spring. I'll be getting ready for the barley crop, 2012.
I have a 5' by 50' barley patch tilled. Now that it has rained I can pick up a few more rocks,
I'll till it once more when it drys out, then start watching forcasts so I can sow soaked barley on soil
that will soon be soaked by rainfall. I don't think the thresher needs any more improvement.

I'll be growing my own beer !

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