Hello, This is a picture tour of my house. Mostly created as showpiece of personal craftsmanship.

Here we are coming in the driveway, notice the pile of big rocks (glacial erratics) so you can find the place again. This place was built to my design, I did the blockwork foundation, had contractors do framing, put siding and roof on, rough in electrical and plumbing, then finished it up inside personally. Had garage barn put up few years later, 2 stalls and workshop.

We're getting closer now, there's that nice walkway made from triangular handcast patio blocks, notice greenhouse facing south

Here is a little better view, showing the new bedroom addition. Notice the clean, straight roofline. Bedroom is left from the deck and you can see window to closet size half-bath above it, and postage-stamp size attic. Toto was grateful for us building a bedroom for him, finally.

Here is a picture from the back showing alcove for new shady garden spot:

Now, let's go inside:

That's quite a staircase I think, not exactly a spiral, more of a twisty, designed by myself and Dave Halligan, then barter of photo services for his craftsmanship in the building.

Turn around, here's my cabinetry, made everything in this pic myself, almost, not the dining room chairs or the painting. Made the stained glass lamp a few years back.

Here we are angled more towards the kitchen, Better view of cabinetry, feel my finest piece is hanging cabinet over free-standing counter.

Here the angle is by that kitchen counter, showing French door and windows to greenhouse.

In the greenhouse we had this lovely hot tub installed. Makes you feel so fine and limbers you right up.

Here's the new bedroom, queen-size bed between those two large Windows, feel like you're camping out with roof over your head,

Different angle, showing bedroom door and other window. Also marble top table I made a few years back.

Here's my latest stained-glass lamp, and Toto over by window, He's a good, old dog. This is table lamp, I keep on wood stove during summertime so it's like a campfire. With heat pump summertime seems to last a bit longer. Didn't get a chance to shoot pix upstairs before my last surgery.